2017 Champions Ride for Charities Routes

The Champions Ride for Charities offers multiple distance options ranging from 10 to 100 miles.

Yellow Arrows Orange Arrows Green Arrows Blue Arrows

Helmets are required for all rides. Please ride safely, lawfully and considerately!  
All cyclists are required to follow all traffic law and regulations. 

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  • I was reading your ride cues for the metric century and there are steps missing, it never leads us to Lake Helen, between steps 13 and 14 the mileage goes from 16.9 miles to 52.0 and according to the directions you are just heading down Enterprise Osteen Rd. I know there will be arrows but I just couldn’t be clear on what roads I’ll be taking up that direction, I can tell we will take Courtland to Fort Smith Blvd, but from there on I can’t tell much more from the map?

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